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Business definition

Trade and manufacturing of hand tools targeted to wholesale and hardware shops, industrial supply shops, etc. following the guides of wide product catalogue, professional quality, right prices, high-quality delivery and customer close policy.

Mission & values


The knowledge and organization of the needs of a mixed group of customers in the hardware market, with quality products, right price and quality delivery terms, aiming to get a profit for the involved people and the satisfaction of the client, among an innovative and process and efficiency improving environment.

Focus on customer, Honesty, Competitiveness and People concern.


1905. The first written orders and customer messages are dated at the beginning of the 20th century.

1911. Bill of incorporation of "E. UNZUETA Y COMPA—ÕA" company, seed of ALYCO TOOLS in favour of Mr. Esteban Unzueta Echaniz and D. Teodoro Alcorta Arostegui. The total amount of the shares at the incorporation time was 4.000 pesetas (about Ä24).
The aim of the company was the MANUFACTURING OF BARRELS FOR SHOTGUNS and other related manufactures. Probably in order to supply these barrels to Pedro Alcorta company. The premises were located in Elgoibar.

1920. Around 1920, some changes occurred and the company name was "ALCORTA Y CIA" and the products manufactured were shotguns, cutlery and electric appliances. In the following years, shotguns manufacture finished, and the main products were hand tools, cutlery and cutting tools. One of the processes of manufacturing more developed was forging.

1961. The company name changes to "ALCORTA, UNZUETA Y CIA". At that moment, the premises were located in the city centre of Elgoibar, located in different workshops. One of the main products was the machete, big cutting knife for sugar cane harvest, that was exported to Africa and South America in very biq amounts.

1974. The forging facilities noise inside the town, the lack of space and some floods caused by a nearby river, made necessary the building of a new plant in other location out of the city centre, in the district of San Lorenzo Azkue, where the forging plant was moved into at the first moment. The tools manufacture came later to those locations.

1990. The main products are pliers, pincers, wrenches, drills, chisels and auger bits. In some years there was a marketing agreement with Unior for other tools. The forging activity is changing to automotive market.

1997. The tool manufacture and forging activities get apart, incorporating two different companies, "ALYCO TOOLS S.A." y "ALCORTA BROCKHAUS, S.A.", both of them located at different workshop in the same industrial area of San Lorenzo. An agreement for some years is signed with Tengtools of Sweden for the marketing of tools.

2003. ALYCO TOOLS, S.A. takes another direction, making its main business the marketing of tools of quality under the ALYCO brand policy, increasing the catalogue. The manufacturing in ALYCO is focused on special wrenches.

2007. Investment in automatic storage systems to improve the service, after a significant increase in sales of picking orders.

Quality policy

ALYCO TOOLS, S.A. is a company whose mission is to know and structure the needs of a heterogeneous clientele of the hardware market, with products of proven quality, adequate price and effective service, in order to obtain a benefit for the people involved and the satisfaction of the client, within a dynamic of innovation and improvement of the processes and yields of the products...

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